Chris Brown Mugshot Surfaces From Arrest

chris brown mugshot surfaces from arrest

Chris Brown’s mugshot from his October 27th Assault arrest was released on April 17th.  And the photograph shows the singer at his lowest point. Chris and his body guard Christopher Hollosy, were arrested for allegedly assaulting a male fan. Which led to his arrest and this mugshot.

chris brown mugshot Chris Brown Mugshot Surfaces From Arrest

Chris Brown Mugshot Released

Chris claimed that the altercation was in self-defense after the fan and other men tried to rush his tour bus. But the victim sung another tune . According to Issac Adams Parker, the singer punched him in the face breaking his nose after he attempted to photo bomb a picture the singer was taking with a few female fans.

Chris’s bodyguard told police that he was the one who punched the guy in the face and will be on trial for the offense starting  today (April 17).

Chris Brown will have a separate day in court. His trial begins on April 21 and if found guilty, he could face up to four years in prison.

chris brown mugshot 2 Chris Brown Mugshot Surfaces From Arrest

Chris Brown Mugshot Side profile

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Chris Brown Mugshot Surfaces From Arrest

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